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4 tips what you should never do in a strip club

25.2.2016 | 0 Comment

Strip clubs are know for relaxed atmosphere and loose morals, but there are still some rules, which you should follow. If you will do that, you won’t get into a trouble and you will have a good chance to enjoy nice moments with your favourite stripper. Trust us, our tips are based on a real experiences.

Tip number 1: Don’t take a picture in a strip club

Or at least don´t take a picture of girls. You can make a selfie with your friend as a memory of this evening, but do not include girls. If you want to take a look at pictures of pretty girls, find them online, not in your phone. You didn´t go to strip club to improve your photographic skills. You went there to enjoy the show, so do it and do it with your eyes, not with your camera.

Tip number 2: Don’t try to kiss or lick a stripper in a strip club

Of course there are some exceptions, but normally it is not allowed to kiss, lick or even touch a stripper in a strip club. You can just watch them dancing. The only one possible touch is the light touch during the time, when you are giving tip to a stripper. If you desire for a touches, pay for a lap dance. Most of the strip clubs have special intimate rooms for a lap dance, where you can really enjoy touches of a stripper´s body. But don´t forget to keep your hands off. The girl is the one who is in charge and who deside how touches will look like.

Tip number 3: Don’t talk to a stripper about your family life

These talks don´t belong to a strip club, so keep them behind the doors. Be pretty sure, that strippers don´t care about your wife, about your children and they really don´t want to see their pictures on your phone. Being in a strip club means ecape from this regular life, so enjoy the girls and atmosphere and show these pictures to you colleagues.

Tip number 4: Don’t make rude comments about girls in a strip club

You should know, that almost all girls working in a strip club together are friends. So don´t talk to one stripper about another in a bad way. You can make her angry and trust us, you don´t want to be the enemy of a stripper.

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