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Dinning in Prague

28.4.2016 | 0 Comment

Tourism can definitely be very exhausting. All that walking, sightseeing and photographing. No wonder, that everybody gets hungry after that. Especially when you are in Prague, the capital city of Czech Republic. And we believe that local chefs can convince you, that dining in Prague is also an capital experience. We will write about some of the most popular local foods and restaurants, so you will not starve during your visit.

Are you looking for fast and cheap dining in Prague?

Prague is very famous city for tourists. That is the reason why you can find some small food stand or fast food restaurants on every second corner, maybe on all of them. While dining in Prague, you can taste both local or foreign cuisine. Let´s start with something local. “Trdelník” is something that looks like a small pipe, but taste like sweet heaven. It is dough, baked on open fire with sugar, honey, cinnamon or even cacao. If you have ever been in Germany, you probably know, that sausages are very popular there. So they are in Prague. If you want something fast and tasty when you are dining in Prague, you should definitely try them with mustard and fresh bread. It is a very simple food, but it is simply delicious. As the world is getting smaller and smaller every year, dining in Prague don´t need to minimize only on local foods and all kinds of world specialities are available during the year. Kebabs are trend all over the Europe and for dining in Prague applies, that there is no difference. Pizza is also evergreen in Prague, there is no problem in getting your slice.

Dining in Prague can be classy

Previous paragraph was about simplicity. But with that, you probably won’t make a huge impression on your better half or working partners. But of course dining in Prague offers luxurious and high standard restaurants with cute waitresses. Naturally you can find restaurants right next to the main sights, but those restaurant are usually extremely overpriced. It is more adventurous and usually more money saving to find some nice looking restaurant a bit further. These days, all restaurants have websites, so there is nothing simpler to just call and make and reservé before eating in Prague. There is no need in making a list of local restaurants, but maybe we can name “U Potrefené Husy” which is a chain restaurant offering traditional cuisine, best beer and is very popular even amongst locals due they reasonable prices and quality.


Dining in Prague should suit everybody, those who want to save time, or those who want to enjoy the moment.

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