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How to get laid in a club in Prague?

25.2.2016 | 0 Comment

Clubs are always good places for a meeting a woman. In a club in Prague you can easily talk to hundreds of woman. So if your plan will not work at first, you can try it again. And again, and again. But don´t worry, also women go to a clubs to meet guys, so your chances are pretty good. They are even bigger with our advices, so check them.

Talk to women who are alone in a club in Prague

party in PragueYour chances are bigger, if you talk to woman, who is not surrounded by friends. She might be more open for a little chat and maybe even for something more. When she is alone, only opinion about you which matters is just her. When she is with friends, be sure that all of them will tell her something about you. And I might be not good for getting laid, because they can tell her that you are ugly/stupid/drunk or many other negative things.

Do you want to get laid in Prague? Don´t get drunk

You can argue, that people in Czech are very tolerant about getting drunk. You are right, but this is not true if you want to succeed with girl. Do you want know why? When you are drunk, you breath doesn´t smell good and there is zero chance, that girl will want to kiss you, much less something more. If you are drunk, you can make stupid things, you can say stupid things and you can look pretty stupid. Nothing of this will help you to get laid in a club in Prague. Stay sober, be polite, talk clearly and smart. This works, beer doesn´t.

Your chances in a club Prague are bigger when you look good

Observational skills of women are much bigger that you think. So always try to take to a club your best clothes to look nice and handsome. Don´t forget to clean your shoes, because women in Prague love when man has elegant, clean shoes. Another important thing is perfume. You never ever go out without it. Women are just crazy about nicely smelling man. We can even make a rule from it. Do you want to get laid in Prague? Wear your favourite perfume. If you choose right, there is a chance that you will be chased by women.

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