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25.2.2016 | 0 Comment

Most of the adults like the taste of beer. It is not a surprise, I mean, it really does taste amazing. But where can you find the biggest concentration of beer? And where can you find the most tasty beer around the world? How about the homeland of classical lager beer? You have probably guessed we are talking about Czech Republic and it´s capital city Prague. Ok, now we know the best location, but we need to focus on some of the best pubs in Prague to satisfy your thirst. In just a minute you will know, where the best pubs in Prague are and why they are the best.

How the best pubs in Prague looks like?

Most of the pubs around the world have a shining sign, which can tell you what beer can you expect. This is a standard even for the best pubs in Prague. What regular pubs usually don’t have and the best pubs in Prague do, is somebody, who kindly welcomes you at the door, takes your clothes and show you a table, where can you, your friends or partner sit down. Another evidence, that you are possibly looking at a pub, that can be best in Prague is definitely it´s location and architecture. Squares and historical parts of Prague are just the right place to find your best pub. If a pub has a good architecture and it looks like it is being taken care of, you don’t have to worry, that there won’t be taken care of your comfort and enjoyment.

What else can you expect in the best pubs in Prague?

You have a beer in front of you, you have a good company around you, you sit in a pleasant atmosphere. What else would you need? Well, the best pubs in Prague can offer you much more. For example a live performing band, that is making your visit even more interesting. They have jukeboxes everywhere anyway. How about some games? Darts, table football, bowling and other games. That you can also find in the best pubs in Prague. Snacks or main meals are matter of course.

The best pubs in Prague are places which you want to visit. In Prague during night you can enjoy unforgettable experiences. Don’t waste your time, or all tables will be reserved! You don´t want to miss your glass of beer.

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